Keine Angst vor der Zukunft                                                                                                                    Never fear the future 
Veränderung eröffnet Chancen                                                                                                                           Change offers opportunities

Our services
We believe in the uniqueness of Humans!

We believe digitization offers tremendous potential to help us humans!


With the help of our state-of-the-art personality diagnostics, we will find out for you what potential lie dormant in your  employees and what development opportunities exist for the individual.

We diagnose your company in terms of readiness ability for change, the internal conflict potential and the positive energy, the resistance and the openness towards a digital transformation.

Personality Profiles: Purely visual Test

This purely visual personality test tells us which information you take in and how. 

There are no content questions. You are only asked what you see and what graphics you like the most. From this we draw conclusions about your personality. 

Neuroscience tells us that your personality influences your behaviour hence many of  your actions, such as: Your decision making process, the way you communicate and your perception.

The advantages of the purely visual personality test:

  • It is globally applicable, because it works across cultural differences
  • It comes with few words / instructions and can therefore be used internationally without translation problems
  • It does not offer any reference system, hence social desirability is excluded
  • It lasts only 5-8 minutes, consists mainly of graphics and is therefore perceived rather playfully by the interviewee. Refusal and abortions are rare.



With the help of various analyses, we support you in the development of a digital strategy.
After capturing the 'human' potential in the company, we help you to direct employees who have been freed by digitization to new profitable tasks.
With the help of the results of our diagnostics, we advise you on how best to reach your employees communicatively, mentally and emotionally during the implementation of your digital strategy in order to inspire them for the new, digital corporate world.

Skills development

To establish new competencies in the company, we help you to develop training and development concepts. This ranges from the promotion of inspirational leadership skills, the management of a project-oriented organizational structure to the certification of a 'Case-Manager Digital'.

Of course, we also accompany you during the implementation until you have reached your tipping point and the sustainability of the change is guaranteed.


Most of all, we would be happy to have a conversation with you to understand the situation in your organization and to create a tailored offer for you!