Keine Angst vor der Zukunft                                                                                                                    Never fear the future 
Veränderung eröffnet Chancen                                                                                                                           Change offers opportunities

Markus Graw 


30 years of professional experience as a leader in international companies in the areas of marketing, product development, cultural change and personnel management. Nowadays lecturer and trainer for topics in marketing and applied business psychology.

Professor David Scheffer


After studying psychology at the University of Osnabrück, he worked as a researcher in the field of neuropsychological personality research and wrote his PHD thesis on the measurement of implicit motives.
He became a research assistant at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg in 1998, where he was responsible for numerous research and consulting projects for well-known international companies. 2010 he was appointed  Professor of Human Resource Management and Business Psychology at the Nordakademie, Hochschule der Wirtschaft in Elmshorn and Hamburg.

Jens-Peter Paulsen


Trained as industrial clerk  and degrees in Business Administration, Political Science and Business Education at the University of Hamburg.  He worked as department manager in a retail company and was a senior editor in one of the first German computer magazines.
Since 1984 he was in the service of the Hamburg school board and trained industrial clerks, business economists and became IT-teacher at the "Institute for teacher training".
From 1990 to 1995 he joined the leadership team of the  Institute for Social and Educational Policy Hamburg  e. V. (today Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Hamburg eV).
From 1995 to 2013 he was managing director of ISH Bildungs- und Beratungs-Gesellschaft mbH and from 2006 to the present day he is CEO at  m.o.v.e. hr GmbH.  

As a specialist in personnel issues and personality diagnostics, Jens-Peter Paulsen has been advising companies and employees on changes, restructurings and their strategic orientation for more than 20 years.